Business law (including corporate law) covers everything from acquisitions to trademarks. I can assist you in all of your business needs, from starting a company to protecting its trade secrets. Running a business is hard work, so let me guide you in your important legal decisions. I will work with you to identify legal pitfalls that your corporation or limited liability company (LLC) should look out for.

Fictitious name registration is a must in Florida if you are doing business as (dba) anything other than your legal name. For example, if Bob Jones is a sole proprietor and calls his business "Bob's Market", then he would need to register his fictitious name. The same goes for XYZ Corporation d/b/a Blue Dog, Inc. Let me handle this task for your business.

The limited liability company (LLC) is a cross between a partnership and a corporation. If taxed like a partnership, then profits and losses flow through to the members of the LLC. The LLC also enjoys limited liability protection for its members, just like a corporation. If this sounds like the optimal business structure for you, then I can create it for you.

Want to incorporate in Florida? I charge a flat fee to form a Florida corporation or s-corporation (s-corp). More importantly, I will find out which one of these types of corporations best fits your needs. Maybe you might be better off forming a limited liability company (LLC) instead. As your attorney, I will help you choose the best legal entity for your situation.

Contracts and agreements should always be read over by a lawyer before ever being signed! In business situations, legal documents define each party's rights and obligations. I charge an hourly rate to review a contract and will explain what it means in plain English. Not satisfied with the terms of the agreement? Let me use my negotiation skills to resolve any conflicts. As a successful negotiator, I think outside the box and will come up with creative solutions to close the deal. Need an attorney to draft a business agreement to fit your needs? In law school I earned a Book Award for legal drafting, an honor given to the highest scoring student. Let me use my expertise to write an agreement that is easy to understand and reflects exactly what you want.