Welcome! I'm Kathryn A. Porter, an attorney with a virtual office in Miami Beach. My firm focuses on copyrights, trademarks, entertainment, business, and technology law. I have extensive experience in reviewing, writing, and negotiating many types of contracts and agreements. Be sure to check out my profile for more info!

All of my clients receive special treatment, from individuals to multi-national companies. Unlike huge firms, I will handle your case personally and finish your work on time. I am easy to get along with and I will treat you with respect. I hope to change your attitude about lawyers and make your legal experience an enjoyable one.

If you need help in any of my practice areas, please contact me. I provide an initial one-hour consultation for $275. I will be happy to listen to your situation and make a recommendation. If you decide to retain my services and I decide to accept your case, I will apply the $275 paid to my retainer.