Trademarks protect your business' name, logo or slogan. A trademark or service mark distinguishes your product or service from your competitors. Before you spend tons of money on a brand or a logo for your company, consult with me first. I can conduct a trademark search to see if someone else already uses it. Plus I will help you protect your intellectual property by registering your mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

A trademark search is essential before you name your product or service. I will search for potential problems that you should see before you go forward with your mark. I will tell you when your trademark registration is probably not even worth searching for because of other legal reasons. Don't waste your time and money before I search for problems.

Unlike many high-volume trademark services, I offer legal advice. Unlike many large firms, I work with you personally. You will get explanations and answers instead of just pages of direct-hit phone book results.

Trademark search options
Please talk to me about what kind of searches make the most sense for your business:

1. For a word mark, one option is a search of federal trademarks only. The cost of a federal trademark search and analysis of the results is $550.00.

2. For a word mark, the more complete option is a full trademark search of federal trademarks, state trademarks, and the internet. The cost of a full trademark search and analysis is $850.00.

3. For a design mark, such as a graphical logo, the cost of a design search and analysis of the results is $275/hour.