Technology law (including computer and internet law) are relatively new areas and are still evolving. My experience working at an internet software company gives me great insight into what issues tech companies deal with on a daily basis. From confidentiality agreements to software licensing, I can draft legal documents to protect your intellectual property.

Trademark protection is vital to your tech company. Before you spend tons of money developing a brand or a logo for your company, consult with me first. I highly recommend a trademark search prior to doing this because your brand may already be taken or be too similar to a pre-existing trademark. I will also help you protect your intellectual property by registering your mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Here are some ways that I can help you protect and exploit your trademark rights:

Branding your product or service
Having trouble knowing which words translate into strong trademarks? Let me guide you and your marketing department. Already have a name in mind? Let me evaluate its strength for you.

Trademark search options
Please talk to me about what kind of searches make the most sense for your business:

1. For a word mark, one option is a search of federal trademarks only. The cost of a federal trademark search and analysis of the results is $550.00.

2. For a word mark, the more complete option is a full trademark search of federal trademarks, state trademarks, and yellow page listings in all states. The cost of a full trademark search and analysis is $850.00.

3. For a design mark, such as a logo, the cost of a design search and analysis of the results is $275/hour.

Trademark registration
Unlike many high-volume trademark services, I offer legal advice. Unlike many large firms, I work with you personally. Many services will take your money to file any trademark even knowing that the registration will probably fail. I won't. Please let me talk to you about how we can protect your business.

Trademark prosecution
Did you get a rejection letter (non-final action) from the USPTO? Let me handle it. My fee for prosecution of your trademark is $275/hr. "Prosecution” of a trademark involves conferences and correspondence between your attorney and the trademark attorney from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark assignment
Want to sell your business or the rights in products that you manufacture? Then you must also transfer the ownership of your trademark registration. I can draft a trademark assignment agreement and record your assignment with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Licensing your trademark
Thinking about franchising? Want to place your brand name on a wide variety of products? Don't let your valuable intellectual property be used by someone else or you could risk losing it! You will need a trademark license agreement that protects your legal rights. Let me write one for you.

Getting permission to use a trademark
Do you know when you need to ask permission to use someone else's trademark? Would you know who to ask? Avoid finding out the hard way, consult with me first. I will research whether or not your use is "fair use". I will also locate the trademark owner and negotiate a license for you.

Trademark infringement
Is someone using your trademark without your permission? Have you been threatened by a cease and desist letter because your company's name is similar to another's? Let me evaluate your situation and resolve the problem for you.