Entertainment law encompasses the areas of art, film, modeling, music, television and writing. Whichever one is your passion, I can review your contract or create one for you. Need someone to represent your best interests? I will negotiate on your behalf. Don't sign anything until your attorney looks over it!

Music law issues cover a broad range of topics, from artist development to warranties. I can review your music industry contracts, negotiate your record deal, or draft a variety of music law agreements. Let me help you understand the business side of the music industry. I will look out for your best interests. I also offer trademark and copyright registration services.

All contracts and agreements should always be read over by a lawyer before ever being signed! In the music industry, legal documents define each party's rights and obligations. I charge an hourly rate to review a contract and will explain what it means in plain English. Not satisfied with the terms of the agreement? Let me use my negotiation skills to resolve any conflicts. As a successful negotiator, I think outside the box and will come up with creative solutions to close the deal. Need an attorney to draft a music industry agreement to fit your needs? Let me use my expertise to write an agreement that is easy to understand and reflects exactly what you want.

Here is a sampling of the types of legal documents that I will be happy to look over, negotiate or write out:

- agent agreement
- artwork agreement
- assignment of copyright
- assignment of trademark
- band partnership agreement
- broadcast agreement
- composer agreement
- co-publishing agreement
- deal memo agreement
- deal shopping agreement
- distribution agreement
- event sponsorship agreement
- light and sound agreement
- live performance agreement
- manager agreement
- master use license
- mechanical license
- merchandising agreement
- musician release
- producer agreement
- production agreement
- publicist agreement
- publishing agreement
- recording agreement
- right of publicity agreement
- royalty agreement
- songwriting agreement
- studio agreement
- synchronization license