Entertainment law encompasses the areas of art, film, modeling, music, television and writing. Whichever one is your passion, I can review your contract or create one for you. Need someone to represent your best interests? I will negotiate on your behalf. Don't sign anything until your attorney looks over it!

Licensing and getting permission go hand in hand. Before you use someone else's music, writings, artwork, photos, trademark, etc. make sure you have permission. A license is written permission that spells out what you can and can't do. Without permission, you could be liable for intellectual property infringement.

There are instances where you do not need permission to use someone else's copyrighted work or trademark. I will research whether or not you meet the criteria. If you do need permission, I will locate the trademark or copyright owner and negotiate a license for you. Some owners will let you license their stuff for a fee while others require you to identify them as the true owner.