Entertainment law encompasses the areas of art, film, modeling, music, television and writing. Whichever one is your passion, I can review your contract or create one for you. Need someone to represent your best interests? I will negotiate on your behalf. Don't sign anything until your attorney looks over it!

Film and television law contracts can be very complex. Let me review and negotiate your film and television industry agreements. As an entertainment law attorney, I am familiar with these contracts and will protect your interests. Don't forget to protect your production company's trademark. I offer trademark registration services as well as copyright registration services.

All contracts and agreements should always be read over by a lawyer before ever being signed! In the film and television industries, legal documents define each party's rights and obligations. I charge an hourly rate to review a contract and will explain what it means in plain English. Not satisfied with the terms of the agreement? Let me use my negotiation skills to resolve any conflicts. As a successful negotiator, I think outside the box and will come up with creative solutions to close the deal. Need an attorney to draft an entertainment law agreement to fit your needs? Let me use my expertise to write an agreement that is easy to understand and reflects exactly what you want.

Here is a sampling of the types of legal documents that I will be happy to look over, negotiate or write out:

- actor release
- agent agreement
- casting agreement
- collaboration agreement
- composer agreement
- crew agreement
- deal memo agreement
- development deal agreement
- director agreement
- loan-out actor agreement
- location release
- material submission release
- model release
- music rights release
- photographer release
- producer agreement
- production agreement
- publicist agreement
- screenplay release
- screenwriter agreement
- synchronization license